Friday, 1 August 2008

Shivana Samudra Trip

A beautiful trip to shivanasamudra with friends +aravind nikkam +Satish Sindagi +Pradeep Wali
Shivanasamudra falls is on the river kaveri. the island town divides the river into twin water falls as Gagana chukki and Bhara chukki.
First hydroelectric power station in asia was setup here in the year 1902.

We started our journey from rajaji nagar early morning in my car reached around 10AM after 2.5 hours of journey. Route to shivanasamudra is very scenic which passes by villages. First visited the gangana chukki since water force is too high not safe to swim.

after words we moved to bhara chukki falls where we can reach out to the base of the water falls following the steps. at the base tappa (small boats) will be available to experience the boating below waterfalls and can swim if water is low.

Best Season :
July – OCT . (After monsoon's few rains is best to visit)

Activities : 

Water games - Disc, Ball, Tappay (Small boat)

Food :

Few hotels are available near to falls

Travel Mode :

Bike , Car or vans are best

Pack-up Checklist :

1. Set of clothes
2.carry bag to keep wet clothes
3.Hawaii slipper – while walking in water rocks may hurt you
4.Sun Screen lotion to avoid sun tanning