Thursday, 10 June 2010

MekeDatu/Sangama One day trip

We friends +Yogananda Jayashankar +Basavaraju Raju +madhusudan bandhakli while heading back to home in CAB felt exhausted from work thought we should plan for weekend trip. Decided to go Teamtrip2mekedatu. From Bengaluru Mekedatu is situated around 95 KM towards kanakapura on the banks of KAVERI river. As per villagers Mekedatu name came into existence as daily goats use to cross the river (meke – means goat and datu – means crossing in kannada ) it is also called as sangama (Fusion in kannada) rivers get merged in this place so called as sangama.
We started our journey on bike from bengaluru in the morning 7 AM from majestic towards kanakapura road. on the way we visited AOL -Art of living ashram. Took food items in kanakpura which is last place to get food items after that its difficult to get good food items. Took left turn towards sangama and reached around 10 AM.
Best place to hangout and play in the river we have spent most of the time in playing in river. Since water level is only 2-4 feet high we have done underwater exploration goggle's and respiratory pipe is required where you can see the fish touch your feet and you can feed them.
Meke datu falls 
There is a bus across the river which will take us to near by small falls (4 KM) must visit place.
By 3PM we headed back towards Bangalore on the way plucked out some lotus flowers from pond and visited beautiful AOL and reached back to bengaluru by 8 PM .
Best Season :
All Seasons - Even summer will be suitable depending upon water in river.

Activities : 

Water games - Disc, Ball, under water surfing (Glass mask & Pipe)

Food :

Best is prepare it from home

Travel Mode :

Bike , Car or vans are best

Pack-up Checklist :

1. Set of clothes
2.carry bag to keep wet clothes
3.Hawaii slipper – while walking in water rocks may hurt you
4.Under water goggle's & respiration pipe 
(for under water exploration)
5.Sun Screen lotion to avoid sun tanning


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