The time when you feel tired of your day to day routine work, when you feel your brain is completely drained out when you feel there is need to get energized then there is only one place you will get relaxed from all of your worries is mother and the MOTHER NATURE come assemble and be one with mother nature you will fall in love and rise in life.

To be with NATURE   Adventure is best activity. People who are planning to have adventure trip, weekend trips, or picnic’s here are several blogs which will help to plan, prepare, and survive the unexpected, Along with friends doing best to share our experiences of adventure journeys to help other adventure enthusiasts with backpack check lists, First-AID kits, type of rope knots useful for camping and foods preparations.

My childhood favorite movie Cliff Hanger and Sylvester Stallone inspired a lot for such activities. I hope several other people also inspired to do adventurous activities, however when you go to unknown or new places situation will be different you need to have basic preparations to face the situations.

Adventure activities can be carried out ON LAND, ON WATER and ON AIR.
ON LAND - Trekking, Moon walk, Rock Climbing, Cave exploration, Camping, Hiking, Wildlife safari, Forts, Escape Routes (Secret passage) of king.     

ON WATER - Kayaking, Canoeing, Surfing, Jet Skiing, River Rafting Boating and Scuba Diving.

ON AIR – Para sailing, Micro light Flying, Para gliding, Sky Diving, Hot Air Balloon.